MAX BR1 Pro 5G LAN/WAN Ports Corrupting Certain LAN Content?

Specifically: HTTP/HTTPS (JavaScript?) content?

I just spent the last ±10 hours tearing-out what little remaining hair I have.

Scenario: Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro 5G, v8.2.0 firmware, multiple EnGenius WiFi bridges and APs, using the MAX’s LAN ports (WAN re-configured to add’l LAN port).

Problem: EnGenius WiFi devices’ config pages loading erratically or not at all. Didn’t happen with the laptop connected directly to the EnGenius devices (w/manually configured IP address on the laptop). Didn’t happen with the same devices plugged into our home network.

Had thought maybe it was a weird browser bug. Probably JavaScript-related. Had been using the Brave browser. Tried Firefox. Problem at first appeared to go away. “Ah HAH! Brave is b0rk3d!” Sadly: Not a chance. But, with lots of clearing the browser’s data, killing it, restarting it, reloading config pages, repeatedly, and a lot of patience: I could get things done.

But this was not a tenable situation.

Then, finally, the penny dropped: “The MAX…???”

Hauled out a spare switch. Moved everything from the MAX to the switch and plugged the switch into the MAX.

Problem solved.

I don’t know what the MAX is doing to cause this, but, whatever it is, it needs to stop doing it.

@James_Seymour ,

Would you please upgrade the BR1 Pro 5G using 8.2.1 and check again whether you still see the issue ? The 8.2.1 firmware is in beta version now and based on the issue description, it seen like related to the bug fixes in the firmware 8.2.1 .

You can download the 8.2.1 beta firmware here:


@sitloongs, thanks for the follow-up! Sure, I’ll give it a try tomorrow and I’ll let you know.


Flashed 8.2.1 just now. Moved all the connections back to the MAX BR1 Pro 5G. Looks like y’all fixed it, @sitloongs. Yay! :slight_smile: Thanks again for the follow-up.

ETA: Bonus: iperf3 tests:

iPad <-> AP <-> 5GHz bridges <-> NetGear switch <-> laptop: 450Mb/s

iPad <-> AP <-> 5GHz bridges <-> MAX BR1 Pro 5G <-> laptop: 470Mb/s

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