Max BR1 pro 5G issues


Having a few issues connecting to 5g locally; phone connects no problem in same area; sim taken out of pepwave also connects straight to 5g, but in the pepwave; it will connect then drop back to lte often.

There is no option to select ‘5G’ only, and if i only manually allow 5g bands in the band selection drop down, it then doesnt connect.

Does anyone have any workarounds with this?

I’ve tried contacting supporrt but not having any luck.


have you tried de-selecting the lte bands?

usually, I turn them all on, then deselect one by one until I find the best speeds. Usually takes 3-4 tries. 5g isn’t always the fastest for me

Yes i’ve tried that, but then it just sits ‘connecting’ but doesnt manage to connect to 5G unfortunately.

I use manual band steering for LTE quite often when we move to places without 5G, it works well i totally agree, but doesnt seem to work for 5G…