MAX BR1 Pro 5G, does it support WPA3?

I am configuring a MAX BR1 Pro 5G to act as a mobile hot spot. when I select WPA2/WPA3 I get a warning “This SSID will only be applied to APs with WPA3 support”

I’ve been looking but can’t get a solid answer. does the MAX BR1 5G support WPA3 or is it dependent on the firmware? my device is running 8.2.1


The BR1 Pro 5G can act serve as a controller for several APs – not just the one built-in. That message is cautioning the user that if you have an older AP attached that cannot “handle” WPA3 that AP will not be able to deal with the SSID config you have set. It’s a cautionary note only and does not apply to a situation where you have no external APs. So, your router does support WPA3 and the fact that you have seen that cautionary note suggests you have the parameter set optimally – WPA2/WPA3.


Thank you!