MAX BR1 PRO 5g (different antenna)

I need to place the wifi antenna away (~3m) from the BR1 and not use the factory-provided antennas.

Does anyone know if,

  1. I can connect only one wifi antenna with no reduction in signal strength? If so, should I connect it to port A or B?
  2. The wifi ports are different in terms of providing 2.4GHz from one port and 5GHz from the other?
  3. The BR1 does beamforming? If so, can I use non-factory-provided antennas?

Thank you.

Use the 42G is perfect for the BR1 5G then you can connect all ports.

Thanks for the reply.

Could you help me with the other questions?
I’m trying to figure out how to make the router work with the a-omni-0496 marine antenna.

Ah so that’s a dual band single element antenna with a single N-Type female connector in the base.

If you connect to a single port (and port A is fine) then although both 2.4 and 5ghz bands will work you’ll not benefit from MIMO of course or beam forming. Signal levels will be about the same (ignoring the loss of extra signal from lack of beamforming) and available bandwidth will be potentially halved due to lack of MIMO too.

Can you add another 496?

Thanks for the reply, I installed a 2x2 MIMO 2.4GHz antenna and works perfectly now!

one more question, can you please let me know how to keep only the 2.4GHz wifi radio on the MAX BR1 PRO 5G that is managed by Incontrol?

At incontrol I cannot find any feature and when disable all the 5GHz radios from the webpage of the MAX then even after I press apply, after i refresh the page the radios are back on again.

thank you very much in advance.