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I’ve been using my MAX BR1 Pro 5G with AT&T LTE service from KNV Solutions (Blue Plan - $120/mo). I purchased an AT&T 5G SIM from Walmart, provided the info to KNV Solutions, and purchased their Blue Fusion (5G Unlimited post-paid $195/mo) plan. They told me to use “NRBroadband” for the APN but I can’t get the Pepwave to connect with that APN. It does connect if I use “broadband” for the APN but it only connects at LTE-A. Has anyone else run across this, by chance? I’ve been working with KNV’s tech support but haven’t gotten this figured out yet. Thanks so much. -Heath

I’d say you are on the right track to deal with their support folks.
Are you certain 5G exists in the area where you are testing, I wonder? “LTEA” is what you would see when that router has 4G service from AT&T.

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I just have to ask…have you tried using the $20 AT&T unlimited tablet plan instead of a reseller? That is a LOT of money.

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Hi Rick, thanks for the reply. I drove the Pepwave around town and compared the 5G on my iPhone with the Pepwave status screen but it never flipped to 5G. I’m hoping there’s a disconnect on KNV Solution’s side with my IMEI/ICCID and really hope there isn’t an issue with the BR1 Pro 5G not being supported by AT&T or something else out of my control. ha!

hehe. Yes, it’s definitely a lot of money… I need truly unlimited data per month with no throttling on 5G wherever possible. I work remotely, in an RV, and am a heavy internet user. I’d gladly pay $195/mo for reliable, fast, unlimited Internet. I use nearly 900gb/mo as-is and the $120/mo plan has a soft 1TB limit. That’s too close for comfort. :smile:. My “backup” to cellular is $120/mo Starlink satellite Internet which is “OK” but latency and direct line of sight are issues sometimes.

I understand completely! I only mention it because work on a boat and use well over 1TB/month on the AT&T tablet plan while sharing it with a 6-person crew.

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Interesting! I have a spare AT&T SIM so I’ll try adding the $20 tablet plan to my existing cell plan to try it out. $20 sure is a heck of a lot better than $195! ha! Thanks for the info, I really do appreciate it!

Also, my experience is if the AT&T plan/SIM is not correctly provisioned for 5G, nrbroadband will not connect. It’s usually a simple fix on the support side. I have LTE modems with AT&T SIMs using nrbroadband that have never been in a 5G modem, but were provisioned for 5G access upon activation.

“…if the AT&T plan/SIM is not correctly provisioned for 5G, nrbroadband will not connect. It’s usually a simple fix on the support side.” This, back to my original reason for posting, may be why my current SIM with KNV Solutions may not be working… I will call AT&T and have them check to see if it was provisioned correctly. Fingers crossed. Oh, and I’m chatting with AT&T right now to add that $20 tablet plan! ha! Thanks again for that!

I am one of the ones with a couple legacy $20/month plans. Not using them at the moment but used to send 300+ GB through them per month. They get deprioritized in busy areas. They are NOT 5g.

The 5g symbol in a phone like the iPhone is a signal from the tower that 5g is available. Not actually in use. The peplink systems tell you what is actually in use and not what the tower says it has.

I use AT&T post paid elite unlimited sims With APN broadband. Getting a 5g nr channel is very location dependent and I will rarely get LTE-A unless I am transferring data hard to force the systems to negotiate more bandwidth.

Final update - I called AT&T Business and was told the line isn’t provisioned for 5G, only LTE. The account owner (KNV Solutions) will need to (re)provision the line with the correct rate plan then I should be good to go. Fingers crossed.

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I have both the old Access for iPad and the current AT&T Unlimited Tablet plan. The current plan definitely has 5G access, but AT&T 5G is very limited. You‘re almost always better off on LTE-A.