MAX BR1 port-based VLAN

I’d like to use the MAX BR1 to join together 2 different network.
Untagged VLAN is trunk/any on port LAN1 (it is the main network).
VLAN ID 2 is access/vlan2 on port LAN 2.
Inter-vlan flag checked on both vlan.

In my mind, this should work, but not in practice.
With my pc on LAN1, I cannot ping the IP address of the VLAN2 (the port IP address, the one inserted in the vlan2 definition.

I hope someone can tell me what I am doing wrong or an alternative solution

Welcome to the forum!
That works fine for me with default Any:Any firewall rules enabled.
Have you changed the default firewall rules - perhaps the firewall is blocking the traffic?

Also to me, the traffic is blocked inside the MAX BR1, as I cannot ping the port LAN 2 from the LAN 1 connection, using the ping tool inside MAX BR1.
Seems to be inter-vlan is not working. Can be “forced” in some way?

The “default” Any:Any firewall rule is enabled by default?
I have not changed anything in the firewall rules page.

Any routing confusion? Do you have the same subnet that’s on the vlan in question presented on the WAN?

Not really. Its either on (and if not working blocked by firewall) or off. Maybe time for a factory reset?