MAX BR1/OTG and Surf SOHO Firmware 6.0.3 Available Now

Firmware 6.0.3 is available right now. Download the latest firmware and enjoy a range of important performance and stability improvements by clicking here.

**Changes to Firmware 6.0.3 since 6.0.0

SNMP supports mobile WAN and SpeedFusion interface
SSID client isolation
PPTP server support (Surf SOHO)
Wi-Fi internal/external antenna option (MOTG and Surf SOHO)
CLI SSH support (BR1 and SOHO)

SpeedFusion performance and stability
System stability
LAN DNS proxy stability
USB port stability (MAX OTG, Surf SOHO)

Known issues:
Data Roaming checkbox is not working when Network Mode is Verizon (BR1)
Cellular WAN signal strength will not display correctly if stronger than -51dBm (BR1)
Wi-Fi AP access control “deny all except listed” malfunction

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