MAX BR1 OpenVPN Client WAN - No Traffic

Hi togehter!

Actually trying to set up a OpenVPN Connection as a Client to provide Access to a central system.

Everthing looks fine, tunnel is established, getting IP Adress ffrom far DHCP.
Interesting is that i can ping several systems behind the tunnel but can’t do any other traffic over that connectivity.

I configured the Ourtbung rule for the far subnet to be sent out persistantly through the VPN WAN Interface.

To be sure that everything with the OpenVPN configuration is ok I tested it with an OpenVPN Desktop client and everything works as expected.

So I have the feeling something is wrong with the routing in the MAX BR1. I also resetted the device, used latest firmware but can’t get this working.

I also tried to configure a static route for the subnet (in addition to the outbound policy) but the device doesn’t allow that because the gateway is not in local subnet, he claims, as it is an IP-address within the VPN subnet, of course.

There is no “far gateway” option I could find?

Has anybody an idea?

Thanks in advance!