Does this unit help at all with cell phone reception inside an RV or is it strictly for Data/Internet?

Your question is two fold

  1. If your cellphone plan allows WIFI Calling the Answer would be yes, since you would connect to the WIFI Network on the Pepwave to make calls.

  2. If you are looking to boost the cellular signal then the answer is no you will need a booster, or wireless amplifier see: Wilson, Surecall

  1. Yes if you use wifi calling and texting
  2. Can get better signal with external antennas, use separate LAN AP inside

Thank you! That is what I thought, since I was pretty sure the cellular antennas for the Pepwave are receive only. I am adding an outside antenna for better reception for internet and I then just use wifi calling for messaging and voice, if cell signals are low on phone.


I guess the cellular antennas would have to be send/receive, just data only. Is that what you went “huh” about? I am new to this and still trying to rap my head around how this all works.