MAX BR1 MK2 with 2 WiFi sources - no SIM card

Trying to setup internet access from my RV. I have 2 sources of mobile access - AT&T Mobile through my Chevy Equinox, and a MiFi8000 on the Sprint cell network. So I don’t have a SIM card to install into the MAX. I want to route the 2 WiFi signals. I purchased the MAX BR1 MK2, to link the 2 sources, and allow the devices inside the RV (phones, laptops, tablets) to access a single SSID. Also, in some campgrounds, WiFi service is usable, in which case I’d like to be able to “point” to the campground WiFi, in place of my 2 access points.
So far, haven’t been able to figure out how to make it happen. The vendor told me it was possible, so hopefully it is. But what’s the “magic spell” I need to make it work?

Take the SIM Sprint card out of the MiFi8000 and insert it into the BR1.

  • Go to Dashboard and set the “Priority” connections accordingly (simultaneous, “1, 2” or “1 and disabled”.

  • Keep the MiFi8000 as a spare incase the BR1 fails.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Unfortunately, when I purchased the Sprint service, I was told that the SIM card would only work with the MiFi. Don’t know that that is true, so I guess I could get an adapter (I only have the micro-SIM), and try it. But that still leaves me with the WiFi issue - I have the WiFi source coming from AT&T’s plan from my Equinox (which has no SIM card), and will also need the ability to setup campground WiFi services as a WAN source.
Can that be done without a SIM card installed in the MAX BR1 MK2?

As long as you only need to use “one internet source at a time” the ‘wifi as wan’ feature allows you to ‘remember’ the sprint mifi and the equinox sources. = Done.

If you want to use these 2 internet sources simultaneously - you’ll need to implement a different hardware solution = new mifi w/sim card recommended.
( soho $199, DCS, etc. many options here.)