Max BR1 MK2 WAN showing connected but not passing data

Hi All,
I am supporting some communications to remote sites where Pepwave cellular modems are being used in parallel with Satellite Internet to monitor remote equipment on a private network. I have several Pepwave Max BR1’s up and working as expected, and my field guys have recently started receiving Pepwave Max BR1 MK2’s that aren’t working the same as the Max BR1’s.

The Satellite internet’s modem (Sky Edge II) is connected to the WAN port on the back of the Max BR1 or BR1 Mk2, with a Verizon Wireless Sim card installed and working for Cellular, and the LAN port on port is connected to an ethernet switch and the rest of my equipment I am monitoring. There is some port forwarding happening so I can reach different pieces of equipment on the LAN. I have both the WAN (Satellite) and Cellular set to Priority 1, and under details to remain connected.

On the Max BR1’s, this works perfectly. Both Cellular and the WAN (Satellite) are always on, always passing data, I can ping the Cellular IP, Satellite Modem IP, and the WAN port IP on the Pepwave.

On the Max BR1 MK2’s, I am loosing data between the Satellite Modem and the WAN port on the Max BR1 MK2’s. The Pepwave still shows the WAN as connected on the Dashboard, and I can ping the Satellite modem from the Pepwave>System>Ping screen. From my network, I am able to ping the Cellular IP, the Satellite Modem itself, but I am only occasionally able to get a reply from the Pepwave’s WAN port (which I verified the Satellite modem was still responding to pings during the same time). The Satellite provider has sent techs to test and troubleshoot their side, and I have done everything I can think of with the Max BR1 MK2 including updating firmware. We have replaced BR1 MK2’s with BR1’s and programmed them exactly the same way, and the BR1’s work perfectly fine.

I’m suspecting either a new software option, or a Firmware bug on the BR1 MK2’s is causing the issue. Any advice in troubleshooting further is greatly appreciated.

Hi. I would recommend opening a ticket with Peplink engineering as I suspect that this will require a look under the hood that they are in a position to do.