Max BR1 MK2 router offline

My router is offline and I’m unable to see the SSID for router and try to turn router back on. I have the pep link incontrol2 and it shows offline. Can someone help me get router back online? Thanks

First thing I would do is power cycle the router and see if the SSID returns. Then login to the router itself and confirm you have a working connection on the dashboard.

On InControl2 your device needs to be in warranty or have a valid subscription, otherwise it will show as offline.

Hi Tim
I did try cycling power a couple of times and still can’t see SSID to connect to router. My router is under warranty but I’m not sure if my incontrol2 is turn on. I can see my incontrol2 dashboard but not sure what to do. It shows disconnected and under settings remote web is grayed out.

Okay, are you able to login to the router using an Ethernet cable? If not then I would recommend to factory reset the device by holding in the pin reset for 10 seconds. Then you should see the default SSID appear and you can connect to it. Then you can login to the router at to confirm if you have a working internet connection on the dashboard.