MAX BR1 MK2 repeatedly going device disconnected, device connected

We are located in the US, and currently using only Verizon as our carrier. We are migrating from our end of support Sierra Wireless GX440 devices to the MAX BR1 MK2. We have deployed 12 or so, but have constant issues with 4 of the devices showing “device offline” and “device online”. We know that the units are NOT power cycling, and in decent to good coverage area for our cell provider. We have ruled out antenna issues (tested several different diversity models) including testing with our 5 year old puck antennas from Airgain (the just don’t support WiFi). Verizon says they are not seeing any drops from the cellular side but our client computer shows it is disconnected from the network.

Anyone else using these in public service in the USA?EventLog.pdf (226.3 KB)

Any thoughts would be appreciated!