Max BR1 MK2 remote

Is there a way to login to a pepwave BR 1 MK2 remotely, to the admin page? Probably basic, so thank you in advance.

yes add the serial number to incontrol2 ,

Aside from connecting via IC2, you can also enable remote user access and connect via OpenVPN, L2TP with IPsec or PPTP.

Such a connection requires that the unit have a routable IP address.

Go to Advanced>Remote User Access.



Thank you. Is there a way to see the features of the pepwave, like I do locally when I type in the IP? I am trying to be able to see what sims are in play and status of unit remotely to help a friend out on location with one.
Not sure I make a ton of sense.

I found my answer by looking around. Thank you again.