MAX BR1 MK2 Off line

MY MAX BR1 MK2 is At remote site and cannot access it.

What sort of connectivity does it have actively attached? Is it Just cellular? What does the SIM provider say? Is it active?

It has two Verizon unlimited data SIM cards in the MAX BR1 MK2. Both SIM cards are active. There is no WAN says disconnected, no Wi-Fi on 2.4 GHz or no Wi-Fi on 5 GHz. The priority order is as follows:

Cellular (Sim A & Sim B)
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
Wi-Fi 5 GHz

All are showing “Disconnected”

I have the MAX BR1 MK2 scheduled to reboot every morning at 4am. But It doesn’t seem to be connecting to the Cellular Cards. I can not connect to the Remote Web Admin via PepLinkid web site

PS: I also have SpeedFusion Cloud Subscription for 1TB. I can not log in to search for Wi-Fi Connection which is in the remote site which is on a SURF-SOHO and is working fine.

Is it possible for me to connect to the MAX BR1 MK2 via my SOHO SURF which is setting right beside the MAX BR1 MK2?