MAX-BR1-MK2-LTEA-W can't connect to ATT

I am in Canada and I have a ATT&T card from a third party. The card works fine on my iphone but gets stuck at obtaining ip address on my Max br1. Any settings I need to tweak? Also I am getting connected using the Rogers network.

I’m not sure about Canada, but in the USA you either have a data only card that works in hotspots or a card that works in phones and maybe supports a little data sharing via the phones hotspot. For that device you need a hotspot SIM card (data only), so if it works in your phone, you have the wrong card type for that device. But to be clear, the cards are generic, it’s how it’s provisioned that matters.

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I just posted the same thing. Where is your card from? I got a card from third party as well. Same problem

fonus i tried to go through their support but they are useless. Others from Koodo work fine in the router

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You need to enable roaming under under cellular details of it won’t get past obtaining IP address

Did you get it working?

No Fonus is blocking the hotspot functionality. Also it disabled my card after 3 month but kept the money for it.