Max BR1 MK2 cellular question

New with the Pepwave. I have the MK2 and I am unable to get the cellular card working and all I get is a "obtaining ip address. Firmware 8.0.2. Pic attached. This is an AT&T card.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Can you check if the same SIM card will connect at that location when it’s in another hotspot device, such as a unite pro or unite hotspot?

On the BR1, go down the page and try changing the band selection to LTE only or to custom band selection, and then try disabling the WCDMA Band 5 that it’s connected to now and see if it will connect to an LTE band.

Thank you for the response.
I unfortunately do not have another router to test the card in. Maybe I should get a cheap one for that reason?

I turned off the WCDMA settings so it is LTE only. Rebooted etc. Still have the obtaining ip address. Frustrating. I am hoping to get another SIM to test that as I am not sure what other settings.
Thank you for the response.

I found it handy to have a second hotspot device to test with that can accommodate the same sim size; I picked one up on ebay refurbished for $20-30 from a seller with good feedback.

Try one more time with the custom band selection and uncheck the band that is stuck obtaining an IP. I seem to remember, not on the max BR1 MKII, but on a different device, I once had it getting stuck on a non-LTE band even though it was supposed to use LTE only until I specifically unchecked that band. Not sure if it was something about the tower I was connecting to at the time or what…

I will check out an ebay router for sure. Good point.
I turned off the band that was searching, it went to another band and is still trying to obtain. Seems like it would be a SIM thing. I am anxious to get another SIM to try and see if I can get this unit running. I appreciate your help.

I would confirm that the SIM is on an M2M plan. Might also want to ask if it has a static IP. If it does, you may need to manually set the APN.

Thank you. I will check with where the card came from. I did enter “broadband” in the APN per the senders request. I am hoping to get another card shortly to test out or at least another small hotspot to test.
If a hotspot says “unlocked”, will I be able to use that for the main US Cell carriers, to check card before trying in the Pepwave?

Thanks again

To be honest, not an expert on hotspots, but that if a SIM works on a hotspot, it should work with the MK2

Just in case it is a static IP, try entering this APN i2gold.

Curious, does it stay stuck on obtaining IP address or does it every say “Failed Health Check”

It gets stuck on obtaining ip address. I will try the other APN later today when back at the unit.

I do appreciate you chiming in.

OK. Tried i2gold for APN. Same results.
I also inserted a verizon SIm and I can get that input to work. The ATT still searching for IP.
Still trying to figure out how to make sure the ATT is m2m.

Thanks again

Seems to be reading verizon and ATT card now. yes.
I guess the card was not activated or something. It is a third party card.
Does the BR1 pick whatever card is better for an area? I am not sure if I set that or not?

Thanks again for your help.

Apologies for the delay, if you have 2 SIM cards in, it will use the one in Slot A by default (I believe) and will failover to the one in Slot B if that one goes down. You can go into the cellular details and manually select which bands you want to connect to, but by default it auto selects them.

Thank you Calvin