MAX BR1 MK2 Bridge Mode - Automatically?

Hi, I have a vehicle with a MAX which has a number of devices onboard (CCTV cameras, NVR, etc.). When on the road the MAX is the DHCP server grabbing WAN via cellular.
When the vehicle is parked at the office, I’d like it to pick up the office WiFi in bridge mode so all the onboard devices become part of the office LAN. Primarily to download the NVR video to the office server.
First issue is I can’t find the “IP Passthrough” or similar checkbox for the WiFi WAN channels.

Second issue (if bridging the WiFi is even possible) is I cant have the MAX trying to serve up DHCP addresses in conflict with my office DHCP server.

Third issue, we need to use WiFi as WAN when on the road, so any special settings on the WiFi used while at the office would not be appropriate when connected to public WiFi.

I assume I could create two different config backups and restore them when leaving / returning from the road, but that would be tedious and not suitable for employees. Any way to automate?

My hunch is the simplest way would be to get a device access connector, install a double throw switch on the 12VDC (home / away) and power down the MAX and power up the DAC when at the office.