Max BR1 mini

The BR1 mini has a Verizon sim card on a 100 Mbps/300 gig plan. I have had the device a week and still have not been able to get it working properly. I have also tried both wifi and Ethernet connection, it does not make any difference.
I can not get a consistent download speed of more then 2-3 Mbps on any device. I have been through tech support numerous times, done factory resets, and played with settings for a week. Best speed I have seen this device achieve is 5.2 Mbps and it was a one time deal, I’ve seen it at less then 1 Mbps frequently. I’m using speed as well as speed test offered by Verizon. Any ideas or suggestions?

how about some data? whats your signal strength? what band connecting on? have you tried moving to a completely different area and trying a different cell tower?

its possible the cell tower is overloaded or does not have enough back haul. you would need to raise a ticket with VZW if you pinpoint that as the possible issue.