Max Br1 Mini with Sprint SIM Card keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

I have a Max Br1 Mini with Sprint SIM Card keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


There are many factors to be looked for the mentioned symptom, it would be good if you can open a support ticket here for our Support Team to look into it.

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Often times cellular connections will fail a health check in areas with a weaker signal. If you access the web admin and then the “Status” tab on top > “Event Log” on the left you will see messaging indicating if the cellular WAN link is failing health checks and is being disconnected as a result.

If the health checks are failing you can modify the health check settings to help reduce the number of times the health check fails and the connection is disconnected as a result. There are additional variables that would apply for the health check settings depending on whether or not there is fail-over to another link available and whether or not the device is mobile or stationary.

For support specifically tailored to your device and deployment, please open a support ticket here.

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According to the event log, it says cellular disconnected, then cellular sim a changed, reloading sim, then cellular connected to Sprint (IP address)…

This could be signal coverage related. Please help to open ticket if you want to find out more.