Max BR1 Mini with SpeedFusion

I have a Max BR1 Mini I previously used for internet at my house with LTE (no other options at the time). I upgraded to Starlink March of last year and it’s been mostly great, but it’s having intermittent connections issues now that I’m hoping to resolve with something like WAN smoothing. I’d like Starlink to be the main connection, but duplicate packets across LTE to ensure there is no connection loss in the case Starlink drops. I believe this is WAN smoothing, but not 100% sure.

I’m trying to figure out what licenses I need to get to be able to set this up. It looks like I’ll need one license to enable the ethernet port to connect Starlink (MAX-BR1-MINI-LC-FS) and possibly another to enable SpeedFusion (MAX-BR1-ADV). At this point, it almost seems like it makes more sense to order a different router with these capabilities built in and just pay for the SpeedFusion subscription seperately.

What are my options here?

Jesse we are a peplink partner and can help you on on this.
MAX-BR1-MINI-LC-FS would activate the wan license.
You wouldn’t need the MAX-BR1-ADV.

However for starlink users, we recommend for the peplink 20x as it has 900mbps throughput vs the 100mbps throughput of the br1 mini.

Feel free to PM your s/n if you want to get the license ordered or if you want to move forward with the 20x. We can help you get it setup and provide after sales support.

Thanks Jonathan. I did some more research and it looks like there is a 30 day trial to enable this, so I’m going to try to set it up this weekend and see if the connection issues are fixed. If so, I’ll likely be looking to upgrade to the 20x as you said.

The LTE coverage in my area is also very poor so I don’t want to make the investment if the WAN smoothing isn’t satisfactory.

Sounds like a good plan, let me know if you have trouble setting it up, or how I can help more.