MAX BR1 mini WiFi is extremely slow

42adb91436cf5f4bf4f649d805da3a20d42081e0_2_597x500 I’m only getting 3.3Mbps over the WiFi within the LAN. Over the WAN my LTE drops from 17Mbps to 2Mbps. Has anyone had this issue as well?? …I can’t even transfer files from Computer to Computer over the WiFi because it so slow.

Could you ask the question again please, as I’ve not understood.

  1. It seems your Wireless LAN is the above screen grab and this gives you 3.3Mbps from your Mac to the BR1 Mini
    a) this is too slow for your computer to computer links
    b) if your WiFi is only giving you this level then you need to look at changing channel, transmit power (consider reducing as well as increasing), alternative antennas, or alternative antenna placement
  2. You stated WAN LTE drops from 17 down to 2Mbps, is this over a specific time, or using different kit, or?
  3. How does the LTE drop relate to the WiFi question?
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It is too slow for computer to computer. I set the channel to 11, turned on boost and bandwidth is 20/40. I’m getting a good signal the the devices all within 8 feet of each other, but the data rate is very slow.

As for the LTE data through the BR1. Here’s a screenshot of two speed tests. The same SIM card and location, one with the SIM card in an iPad Pro and the other in the BR1 over WiFi.

Hello @iamyourpilot,
Exactly what model number of the BR1 do you have? Depending on the model will depend on the radio frequencies it can use. This will affect the potential throughput in your region.
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Marcus :slight_smile:

Is this a BR1 Mini LTE or LTEA? I think the iPad Pro has “Gigabit‑class LTE connectivity” which sounds like LTEA.
LTE in the lab gets 100Mbps download (CAT4 radios) and LTEA gets 300Mbps on CAT6.
So you may find you’ve got faster radios in the iPad than the BR1 Mini?

On the Wi-Fi front, have you tried other channels? 11 could be really crowded and this could affect it?

Also Peplink support always suggest latest firmware, have you upgraded your BR1 recently?


One guess is to watch the cpu usage in the BR1. Not saying its the problem, but its easy to watch when things are bad.

As for Wifi, try testing this while the BR1 is offline. You should still be able to do computer to computer file transfers.

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I did upgrade to the latest firmware 8.0.1, but unfortunately that didn’t seem to help. However, I did reconfigure some advanced setting. Set the channel to 10 and switch the beacon to 6mbps. That help to get up to an average of 15mbps.

But the LTE is still SO slow. I even tried a friend’s cheaper MoFi device and it showed 55mpbs download while it was getting 4-5mbps with the MAX BR1 mini. I just don’t get it. All testing parameters where the same, the only variable was the device used.

I also monitored the CPU usage and it was in the green when I was trying to use the device.

Hello @iamyourpilot,
I recommend that you create a support ticket with Peplink & enable remote access (lots of previous posts on how to raise a ticket & turn on Remote Assistance here in the forum). Post your ticket number here once created.
The Peplink team can then look deeper into what is happening with your device.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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