MAX BR1 Mini - Wifi as WAN breaks Cellular WAN

I have a MAX BR1 Mini with the WAN Fail-over add-on enabled. When enabled independently, Cellular WAN and Wifi as WAN both work as expect. However, when I try to enable both (for example, Wifi as WAN as 1st priority, Cellular WAN as 2nd priority) the Cellular WAN fails to initialize. As soon as both are enabled, the Cellular network shows “Resetting…” and if I leave it long enough “hardware status unknown”. In order to get Cellular WAN to work again, I need to disable Wifi as WAN and reboot the MAX completely.

Am I missing something? This issue sort of defeats the purpose of the $100 fail-over add-on that I paid for…

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This is not expected behaviour. Suggest you log a ticket with engineering.

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