MAX Br1 Mini slow speedtest

Hi all,

I have a BR1 mini and connected to Vodafone Egypt with full signal (-66dbm)
When i do a speedtest from MAX Br1 mini i get a result of 2-3 mbps.
When i insert same SIM on my mobile phone i have low signal but speed is 8-9 mbps.
Any reason why this difference
Firmware is 7.1.2 build 3310

Hi Georgios - welcome to the forum!

I suspect you have already spotted the issue - too much signal. Or rather too much RF noise really.
Can you post a screenshot of the signal and quality measurements from the cellular details screen?

Also I suggest a firmware upgrade to fw 8.0.

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What band is the phone connecting to? BR1? Signal on phone (dbm)?


Here you go

It looks like you are connecting on 3G and not 4G LTE. That speed is relatively normal for 3G.

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Your Ec/Io is -13.0 dB that means you have lots of noise compared to signal.

Lots of noise means poor quality connection to the tower. Either try a directional antenna or something with less gain or see if you can identify a local source of RF noise that can be turned off.


Also Iā€™d recommend an upgrade to FW 8.