Max BR1 Mini - SINR

I am getting terrible SINR numbers. I have tried AT&T and Verizon, I have used the built in antenna, and a Xpol-2 antenna.
Have yet to try the Xpol-2 with verizon, just got the sim for that will do that this weekend.

Both of the tower I have line of sight (can see their beacon blinking), Verizon being much closer.


My other connection info seems like it is good connection, but just can’t figure out why the SINR sucks so bad. Thought it was just what it was for ATT but now with Verizon being terrible as well.
Is there anything in my house that would trashing the signal quality?

The house is in fairly rural flat area, and there is a WISP that has several tower scattered around the area.
(they are operating in the 800 meg and the 3.5 ghz range).

I have the xpol antenna on a TV tower about 25 feet in the air above the roof line.

Speeds are coming in around 30 down 30 up, so not the end of the world it is still much better than the WISP that I was currently using, but just perplexing me.