Max BR1 mini set to "LTE only" gets stuck on WCDMA 850 MHz?

Last year I had this issue, and then again yesterday. I’m a long distance (miles) from the nearest cell tower which may make a difference.

For some reason, on AT&T if I set it to “LTE only” and “Auto” band selection, sometimes it gets stuck 3G. Yesterday it got stuck on “WCDMA Band 5 (850 MHz) 3G.” even though it was set to “LTE only”

I’m curious why with it set to “LTE only” it connects to 3G?

If I uncheck this band under custom band selection then it doesn’t get stuck on 3G.

(I should note that I had a similar issue with a cradlepoint 4 years ago at this location where it would sometimes lock onto a very slow 3G or slower band unless I did manual band selection.)


Hello @aquablue,
On the basis, you are running the latest firmware (including for the cellular chipset which is upgraded separately in the advanced support menus) we recommend that you create a support ticket. With this support ticket add in your downloaded diagnostic file from the Support tab of your router.
Once you have created your support ticket, post the support ticket number here for reference.
Simply if the router is operating with LTE set for the band selection, it should not be falling back to 3G.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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This is similar to the issue we’ve experienced with the same device where the Mini locks on to bands that are not even in use by the carrier. We opened two tickets regarding this issue and both were closed by Peplink without resolution.


Seen this too. Sometimes you have to force the mini onto frequencies you know it should work on before it sorts itself out. I’ll try and capture some diags of that and send it in to raise awareness of the issue more.



Can you share the tickets number here ? I can help on this.


Hi @sitloongs. Your able assistance is always appreciated. I’ll respond further via PM. - Rick

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Reviving an old thread. I am running into an identical issue. Ticket #20120847.

@sitloongs, can you please comment?

@Vitaly. According to the ticket, the MAX Transit failed to connect to the carrier at particular area only. Based on this finding, it looks like relate to the carrier as Transit with the same SIM card can be connected at another location.

You also mentioned it was connected to 3G while you forced it to LTE. So, can I confirm the expected result should fail to connect instead of connecting to 3G (I assume the area doesn’t have LTE coverage)? If so, I will follow up with you in the ticket. Fyi, connect as LTE or 3G is the decision from the cellular tower, not MAX Transit. Forcing to LTE is telling the MAX Transit to accept LTE connection only when there is a LTE and 3G connection offerred from the cellular tower.

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“Forcing to LTE is telling the MAX Transit to accept LTE connection only when there is a LTE and 3G connection offered from the cellular tower.”

Suppose the carrier only has 3G signal in a particular area. And MAX Transit is set to “LTE Only”. What’s the expected behaviour? Connect to 3G or connect to nothing?

@Vitaly, I will follow up with you in the ticket.

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