Max BR1 Mini RJ45 WAN

Hey Guys,

Do you need a license key to activate the RJ45 WAN port on the Max BR1 Mini that costs more money?



Hi TJ, yes the license key goes for $100 and also enables Wi-Fi as WAN and PepVPN hot failover. Thanks.

How do you buy that WAN license? Not in the online store.

Please find the screenshot below.

The failover activates the WAN port as well?

Yes. The License key enable the following features.

  • Fail over Ethernet WAN and WIFI WAN

  • PepVPN Hot Failover

Thank you!

Always happy with the Pepwave 700 and BR1 routers.
Now I ordered a BR1 mini and have to buy a licence to activate the Ethernet WAN port :frowning:
I do not need the futures other than change the LAN port into a WAN port.
This is a reason for us to look for another brand modem/router.
We bought this first router especially for the failover WAN ports that where always available on the 700 and BR1.


I would suggest the BR1 if you regularly need the WAN port. Or a Max On the Go if you don’t mind using a USB dongle for the cellular.

For us, the BR1 Mini is very competitively priced and perfect for when customers just cellular internet connectivity and we like the ability to enhance its functionality when needed (and only when needed) using the license. It enables a tidy upsell path.

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