MAX BR1 MINI on Verizon LTE: slow down, fast up?

In order to get get “bridge mode” networking to my router, I have replaced my verizon modem/router with this new BR1 MINI. This is used in a rural area in New Hampshire 03287.

When initially testing the BR1 in a more urban area, the BR1 MINI downloaded 20 mbps while connected to a local tower on Band 2. When I connect from my rural location, it chooses Band 4 and only downloads at 3 mbps, while upload speed is more like 7 mbps. When I force to band 13 it’s even worse (<1mbps download). I don’t think band 2 is available on this tower.

While I don’t have a screen shot of a speed test with the old modem/router, this is much slower. Why would this be?

I can offer more detail is it’s helpful: I have a static IP, RSSI shows -60db, connection only works if I specify APN = ne01.vzwstatic.

Hi. I’d probably start with a conversation with Verizon, although their first level tech support is not very helpful. (A bit better if you have a business account.) It may be the BR1 but that’s certainly not the first place I’d look. Band usage is carrier-directed. There have been times when we had to instruct Max routers to not use certain bands, e.g., recently AT&T on 2300MHz. Once done throughput improved. The cynical view suggests that band assignment is done for their convenience/operational needs, not yours. So you might tinker with that a bit but I’d still call VZW first.

Probably simply the tower is limited in bandwidth or congested. Has nothing to do with Peplink and everything to do with Verizon.

Thanks for the input! I will try to call Verizon about it, but I have low expectations. When the BR1 would not connect initially, four calls to Verizon resulted in four different answers - all wrong - even though I specifically asked about the APN. The APN setting came from a Peplink tech.

I would suspect tower congestion except that:

  1. it’s equally slow at 5am on Sunday morning when congestion is presumably low
  2. my old router didn’t experience this problem even though it was in the exact same location.

What was the old router? What bands was it connecting to? Test side-by-side.

The old one is this. I don’t know what bands it was using.

I think the side by side test is a good idea and I might try it next time I’m on site. I would need to call Verizon to modify my plan to add back the old one because it does not have a removable sim. I’m a bit squeamish about having them switch the account around again because it was so hard to get it working with the new modem. I guess the test is still the best way to find out what’s going on.

update: the modem has connected on band 2 for several hours now and speeds are showing 17.8Mbit up and 16.0Mbit down.

Not sure why I didn’t get band 2 until now, but if this keeps up, then I would say my issue resolved itself… for now.