Max BR1 Mini LTEA W T not compatible with Verizon

Attempted to get a sim card through our existing Verizon account. Verizon recognizes IMEI as a compatible device but are unable to complete the process and provide the SIM Card. Is there additional information they require?

Hi Robert. Not normally but Verizon would be the best source for the answer to that question. I will say our experiences have generally been better at company-owned stores than their franchisees.

Thanks for the quick reply Rick. I also worked with a few different sales reps online which were also stumped.

No surprise. In general, for cellular services we have found telephone ordering to be less fruitful than going into a store. And, ordering on-line is a mixed bag as well. Really sad.

Thanks Rick, my apologies but, are you Peplink customer service? I have tried in-store, telephone, and online…and now peplink.

Hi. No. I’m a Peplink Partner. I’ll PM you with a couple of ideas.