Max BR1 Mini LTE VPN

I am new to Peplink, and I wonder if someone can help me with my scenario. We are trying to create a VPN tunnel between the main site and 20 small sites. We are going to have Max BR1 mini with Verizon on each small site.
1- which Peplink device can we use on the main site to create a VPN with the 20 small sites?
2- is having a cell network like Verizon (dynamic IP) on Max BR1 will drop the VPN connection?

Thank you

I would recommend the B380X but any device that supports enough PepVPN/Speedfusion throughput and enough PepVPN peers will work. You could even use a virtual appliance hosted at the main site if you like.

Using Cellular at the remote sites is fine. If you only have a single cellular you might find the network operator will drop your session once a day (as part of the DHCP renew process). If you want more than a single cellular look at the Transit Duo or UBR.

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