MAX-BR1-MINI-LTE-US-T with Speedfusion cloud


I have the above mentioned device and have been using 2 LTE providers via the internal SIM slots. However they are both rather unstable in terms of both reliability and vary quite a bit in bandwidth.

I am wondering if a better way to utilize them would be to use 1 as primary in the BR1 and use the other via another LTE modem/router and connect it as a WAN service, then utilize the Speedfusion cloud.

I decided to try this based on Speedfusion’s claim of ‘aggregating bandwidth’ and also for the connection to other geolocation of which both would be advantageous. So I have purchased the speedfusion cloud, and started a trial of the link load balancing and wan smoothing.

I have selected my location (SFC-MIA) and assigned the SSID (only one on the device) to that location for now, assuming, perhaps wrongly, that it would be the simplest way and that my IP would resolve to that geo location.

However, I do not see any change in bandwidth, nor IP address. So this brings up the questions whether this was configured incorrectly or just would not provide what I thought it would, which is additional bandwidth (I understand it is not bonding but should be load balancing) and by setting my geolocation that my IP would resolve to that location.

Am I completely misunderstanding what this should do, or missing a configuration step? My 2nd provider is in priority 2 showing as standby. SFC-MIA is showing established. I can drag the 2nd (WAN) connection to priority 1, but then it essentially reverses the scenario I have above with the exception of both being shown as active in priority 1. However, I want the embedded SIM to be the primary in priority 1 and I seem to be unable to drag it to that position without pushing the WAN connection back to priority 2 and into standby.

Thank you.