MAX-BR1-MINI-LTE-US Firmware Update?

Good Morning,

I have quite a few of these routers deployed all over the US. I have a mix of Verizon and ATT.

I know there is a lot of possible variables here…RF can be a fickle beast!

In the last 30-60 days I have had numerous calls about these routers losing connections or just trying to make connections. These devices are stationary and have been in the same locations for months and in some cases years. I checked signal strength to see if this was a carrier issue and I really can’t say the signal strength was bad so I had the clients reseat the SIM cards; in some cases this worked for a while, but the issue is still cropping up. I also upgraded the firmware to 8.1.1s033 build 5014 . Not a 100% convinced this has fixed the issue. What is troubling is this appears to be the latest firmware yet when I do a firmware check on the routers the indicate there is another version available 8.1.1. So is 8.1.1s033 build 5014 the latest or is there a newer version?