Max BR1 Mini LTE takes forever to establish a cellular connection

So I have had my BR1 Mini for a while now and I can’t seem to figure out what’s going on. Regardless of the signal strength, it simply takes forever to establish a connection to a cell tower (roughly 30 minutes). It will just sit there at the connecting stage. I have two different SIM cards (AT&T and Verizon) and both have the same problem. Eventually it does establish a connection and it functions, but I don’t understand what takes it so long. Our other cellular devices don’t have any connectivity issues just for the record. I have tried modifying just about every setting in the WAN connection settings for the cellular modem. Perhaps there is some combination that is eluding me. I have also upgraded the firmware to the latest version. So, does anyone have any insight? A secret settings combo? Magic words? Thanks!

That’s bizarre and unexpected. It’s normal for three minutes or so to pass between boot and cellular connection. And, it may take a couple or minutes more than that. But not 30 +/-.

Questions to start:

  1. Have you talked with the Partner from whom you purchased the device? That’s your best first step.
  2. This does not sound like so much of a “settings issue” because of they were really wrong it’d never connect. So, I’ll ask this: What are the metrics reported by the router once it does connect? SINR? RSRQ? RSRP?

This may be a candidate for a support ticket but I’d suggest providing the answer to these questions first because this is what the support folks are likely to ask you.