I’ve seen older questoins about this license regarding load balancing and I am confused…older post say that balancing isn’t included but in the description it says it is included… was this previously not include but now is? I want to be able to use the cell connection for certain devices and the WAN port for the rest. is this possible?

You’re absolutely on the right track. The license for WAN smoothing and load balancing has not always been available, so older posts were accurate at the time. Some info may also be pertaining to the BR1 without the license, but yes, with that license, you can use outbound policy and accomplish what you’re looking for.

Thats good to hear…
sorry it took so long to reply, i was expecting notification and never got one just came back to look and here it is.
also, was wondering if you’re using 2 wans on one device, and a single wan on another device and you have them connect via pepvpn. i know at least one device needs static ip. I would be looking to have one that has 2 wans (one static) but i want 90% of traffic to go through other wan, the one that has static ip has data usage cap(sucks) I don’t want to have to pay the other provider for static ip as well. Is this posible?

Then answer depends on what you mean by non static.

If the WAN is dynamic but not behind CGNAT, then yes, the pepvpn system will find it and connect… the static IP is required to get the process started, and once started all of the WAN interfaces are tested and if they can be contacted directly from the other pepVPN peer then they are for all WAN’s.

If the WAN is dynamic and behind CGNAT, then no. CGNAT implies that only outbound connections work.

Thats pretty much what i thought…and yes its behind a NAT so this shoots my idea in the foot!


You can use a Fusion Hub as the static center relay that all devices can connect to … This allows both remotes to use all of their available WAN connections, with or without NAT. You can also use SF cloud to relay between your remote devices as of 8.2.0.

I have a pair of FH’s with Balances with all CGnat and NAT interfaces connecting… 2 WAS at one site and 3 WANs at the other.