Max BR1 mini keeps resetting

Max BR1 mini has started resetting 4 or more times each day. I’m on ATT and yesterday upgraded to newest firmware 8.0.2. I’m also using a Poynting MIMO omni antenna. Any suggestions
Here are my signals:
RSSI: -77 > 83 dBm
SINR: 3.2> 7.2 dB
RSRP: -115 dBm
RSRQ: -14.0 dB

Hi - welcome to the forum.
What does the event log say? Is the device resetting or is it failing a health-check I wonder?
If you only have a single cellular connection on this BR1 mini I would disable health-check on the cellular connection.

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Event log shows: WAN: Cellular disconnected. Then: WAN: Cellular connected to AT&T ( in SIM slot A

Health-check is disabled. Should I set it to smart check? I only have 1 sim for ATT.

OK that suggests it is actually losing connection to the tower. Is that IP ( different than the last time you connected?

Go to InCOntrol2 and look at the wan quality report for that time, does the signal drop off a cliff around when it loses connectivity?

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IP is different each time it disconnects. I set a schedule to disconnect at 2pm each night. I’m trying to determine if my problem is with the ATT signal or with my Pepwave.