MAX BR1 Mini IP Camera viewing

Hey there,
Having a bit of an issue here so I’m hoping folks with smarter brains can help me figure it out.
My current situation: MAX BR1 Mini (Verizon) powered by 2 solar panels and a battery. I am connecting 2 Foscam IP cameras via Wi-Fi and 1 Tempest Weather station via Wi-Fi as well. (side note on of my cameras has failed so I get to climb up on a ladder this weekend to replace it). The cameras are transmitting images every 2 minutes to an FTP site (webcam,io) and then my website is getting the photos from there. ( I would like to be able to access my IP cameras remotely as well. So I have downloaded the speed fusion solo key and watched Martin’s video on setting up Speed fusion several times. I have a Vultr account and uploaded the snapshot to it. My problem is I am unable to make a new profile from the Speedfusion. when I click on the advanced tab it just says PepVPN not PepVPN with Speedfusion. I’m sure I clicked a wrong button somewhere but have gone over it several times and haven’t been able to correct it. Also when (if) I get the Speedfusion up what changes will I have to make any changes so that the IP cameras are still uploading to the FTP site?
Thanks in advance for any and all help

I don’t understand what you are trying to connect to on the other end of Speed Fusion or Pep VPN? Do you have another Peplink device somewhere else that you want connect via VPN?

Speed Fusion, emphasis on “fuse”, takes two WAN links and bonds them together for one VPN connection. From what you’ve indicated you only have one active WAN so there is nothing to fuse together. PepVPN is the same functionality but uses only one WAN. You currently have only one WAN so thats why only PepVPN is available. You probably didn’t need to purchase the key.

To access your cameras remotely requires either PepVPN to another Peplink device, or you could use L2TP with the Remote Access feature.