Max BR1 Mini HW3 doesnt show Wifi-WAN or Ethernet priorities nor configurations.


I just purchased a new Max BR1 Mini (HW3) and when I enter to set up the WAN priorities only cellular showed up. From other forum entries, I have read that this happens maybe because of the Firmware version, but as this model is HW3 only 8.2.0 and 8.2.1 are available and none of them work.

I don’t know if maybe enabling WAN options is a paid feature or where it should be enabled.

On the other hand, I believe for the reasons said before making requests with the API is restringed, so there is no way to externally retrieve information from the status of the router for further applications.


Salomon Granada

@Salomon_Granada_Ulloque, those are add-ons features which you can find more details here.

Thanks for your quick response.

The same happens with API usage? It is only available with add-ons?

Do those add-ons come as a firmware file update or is it something Peplink directly enables? Is it a one-time purchase?

Please see the DM I sent you earlier today. I think I answered your question.