MAX BR1 Mini Firmware Upgrade

I have MAX BR1 Mini using Firmware 7.0.0. I want to upgrade the Firmware 8.0.2. I noticed that " Before upgrade Firmware 8.0.2 in MAX BR1 Mini, I need to upgrade Firmware 7.1.2". So, I upgraded the Firmware 7.1.2. Can I upgrade Firmware 8.0.2 from Firmware 7.1.2 directly or 7.1.2 >>> 8.0.0 >>> 8.0.1 >>> 8.0.2? Which one is more compatible? On my site, I have a lot of MAX BR1 Mini. Which one should I choose?

Hi. 7.1.2 > 8.0.2 will work fine.


Thanks @Rick-DC

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This may be a “legacy” implementation issue at this point.

I was wondering if Peplink can just automatically/sequentially upgrade 7.0.x>7.1.2>8.x whenever a user elects to do so? I anticipate this may be a future use case as well.

Just some thoughts. Thank you!