MAX BR1 Mini Cellular Compatibility

I was using AT&T on my router (roaming) and it was working fine, I changed to Orange Cellular (in Romania) and the router is stuck in the “connecting” loop, and then the cellular LED turns off…
I updated the firmware to the latest, powered cycle the router many times, but, the issue is still there…
Is it a compatibility issue???

I’d check the APN settings are correct, enter them manually if necessary to be sure.

Assuming the SIM is also properly activated (can you put it in a cell phone to test?) it could also be that your BR1 Mini does not support the band being used locally by Orange - what is the exact model of your BR1 Mini.

You say you were using AT&T roaming data, what network was the BR1 connecting to when using that SIM? Perhaps source a SIM from that operator as another option.