Max BR1 Mini - Can't ping Internet from LAN but pings OK from CELLULAR

Hi Everyone,

I was doing some basic troubleshooting using the built-in ping tool and pinging from CELLULAR works via IP address and domain name but neither work for LAN. Would you mind taking a quick look please? Below are my firewall rules that should allow all ICMP.

Hi @SilverStateNetworks
When you use the ping utility, you’re choosing where the Peplink sends the ping request.
In the screenshots when pinging (google) out the cellular interface, it should find a response.
When directed to the LAN the router is essentially looking for google on your local network which it certainly shouldn’t find.
Maybe you could describe what it is you’re trying to troubleshoot that led you to doing this? I imagine the community here could offer some pointers and likely a solution.

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Ok that makes sense now why it does not work. In other firewalls I’ve been able to specify the interface to ping from, such as the LAN interface, to mimic a host on that network. I thought it would route the ping packets out the default gateway.

Thank you for the clarification.