Max br1 mini can't connect to verizon

This is a new MAX-BR1-MINI-LTE-US-T. I got the sim at a verizon store Friday and it worked there once, but when I tried it later, it was stuck “Connecting…”

After calls to Verizon, I ended up trying another sim but they could not activate the new one at the store, had to call Verizon tech support. Ultimately he got it activated and working and it worked when I tried later.

Now this morning it’s stuck connecting again. This time Verizon tech support told me I should get a cradlepoint because they are supported devices.

I saw this post indicating there are some sims that work better with the max-br1-mini. Is that so?

What’s going on here?

The first time I tried a BR1 with consumer cellular it did not work at all, but there was something that had to be activated on their end. Once this was done, it has connected every time. Very interested in the opinion of others here…

On Monday, I got a reply from a help ticket I had submitted to the vendor Baltic Networks over the weekend. They had forwarded my issue to Peplink and the Peplink tech had replied that I should enter the APN manually, in my case: ne01.vzwstatic

I had asked Verizon techs about the APN on multiple calls. One had no idea and the other tech said manual APN was only used for 3G.

I tried it Tuesday and it’s been connected ever since.

Game score:
Verizon - 0
Peplink -1

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I too had to set the APN with my Consumer Cellular connection. They use “wholesale”. These routers could use some Getting Started documentation.