MAX BR1 Mini Antenna?


I just received a Pepwave Max BR1 Mini

It comes with 4 antenna’s. The GPS is obvious but I am cusious where the 4th taller annenna needs to be connected to.

Nothing in the manual that I can find…


There are a total of 4 antennas included in the box. One is for the GPS, one is for the Wi-Fi and the other two are the cellular antennas.



I know that, the GPS is obvious
The 2 flat antenna go where?
And the tall one?


One flat one connects to the Cellular Main and the other flat one connects to Cellular Diversity/Aux.

The taller one connects to the Wi-Fi connector.



Thanks, I guessed it right…

You might want to update the manual. Even better mark the antenna’s…


Thanks for your feedback, in the future we will be marking the antennas.