Max BR1 Mini antenna question

Can someone please send me a link w. picture of which Pepwave provided antennas (the very small ones that come bundled ) go to which of the 4 connectors on back?

There is Cellular Main , Cellular Diversity/AUX as well WiFi and GPS.

I know the GPS but not sure the others.

What does Cellular Diversity/AUX mean ?

If they have a PIN in the middle they are cellular, you can use them on the cellular main and Aux connector, if they don’t have a PIN then they are WIFI antennas. You can refer to this image on what they look like.

Using the AUX/DIV antenna ports provides the best signal performance while helping to mitigate interference.

Hello @Talegaman,

As @DGO mentions have a look at the pins on the connector, the cellular are reverse of what the Wi-Fi are. Normally on the base of the antenna the frequency range is printed, with the Wi-Fi antenna also saying “Wi-Fi”.

The Cellular diversity antenna is “optional”, but I use that term loosely as it should be properly terminated and it would be decremental not to use it. It is an alternative receive path for the modem to receive the same signal as the main path but due to RF signals taking diverse paths (due to reflection etc.) and thus it can decrease the RF spectrum noise and improve the signal quality. Think of it as you having 2 ears, cover one and your ability to “hear” is decreased significantly. If you ever instal external antennas, make sure you place the antennas some distance (at least 1.5 m) apart and also vertically separate them a little.

Appreciate the fast response all, @DGO @tgorter :100:

This Router works well so far for the two days I’ve had it.

Expect to get a roof antenna soon and set-up as you all suggest.