MAX BR1 M2M LTE router

Hello! I bought a MAX BR1 M2M LTE model, and i’m having trouble with my country’s comission for the regulation of communications. It’s a long story, but my question is in regards to the router’s internal GSM module. Anyone knows what type of module it is? name? brand? make? model? specsheet? whether it has an FCC ID? It would be of great help, thanks!!

The FCC id is listed on the silver label.
Once you are logged in to the unit you can go to the cellular wan and click the top ?.
Then choose For detailed engineering data, please click here.
It will then show you the Manufacturer,Model,Firmware,Hardware Revision.

I have the FCC ID for the router…but apparently I need the FCC ID as well for the internal GSM module, I know it sounds complicated, or confusing, but thats what the commission has asked now