Max BR1 LTE + VZW + Dell Sonic Wall VPN = WTF

Hey we have Max BR1 LTE software ver- 6.3.0. Being used on cellular with ATT and the evil VZW. Remotely connecting to our VPN Dell sonicwall over ATT not a problem. But connecting through VZW causes the cell connection to crash.

Under the WAN Connection Status, Priority #1- cellular, connected to VZW LTE. Soon as we try to log on to the Dell Sonicwall VPN Crash! Priority #1- cellular now reads “no device detected” Soon as the Sonicwall login program is closed. The cell connection is automatically reinstated by the Pepwave. We have an alternate VPN (being decommissioned) that did work on both cellular providers through the Pepwave Max BR1 LTE.
Any thoughts that could be helpful?

This is strange. Please help to download Diagnostic Report when the problem was triggered. Then open ticket and submit the Diagnostic Report for us to investigate.

Thank you.

Oh it gets better. BR1 unit 1 was running 6.2.0 updated software to 6.3.2 and set the cellular to VZW. now operates sonic wall vpn no problem.
Today BR1 unit 2 running 6.3.0 pulled the ATT sim and installed VZW sim the unit would not connect. Reinstalled ATT sim still will not connect. Under network mode still saying verizon. Under WAN selected radio button ATT/sprint and apply, no change. reset to factory, no change. Connected to wan updated to 6.3.2, no change. pressed the rest button no change.

As mentioned here, please help to download Diagnostic Report when problem occurs and open ticket. We need to do further checking.

One more request, please help to enable Remote Assistance on the affected unit.

Thank you.