MAX BR1-LTE versus BR1-ENT

Some of you might be interested to know what are the difference of these two models.

BR1-LTE has a built-in Wi-Fi interface. This Wi-Fi interface can be an Access Point or being used as a Wi-Fi WAN. (i.e. Wi-Fi as a WAN to connect to an existing Wi-Fi Access Point).

BR1-ENT has only LTE interface and no Wi-Fi. But the routing speed (WAN - LAN) on BR1-ENT is much faster, ~200Mbps. There are also two PSE (PoE output) ports on BR1-ENT.

Some Enterprise customers might prefer BR1-ENT over BR1 for three reasons:

  1. They might need higher routing throughput on the Ethernet WAN port so BR1-ENT is an ideal enterprise WAN seamless fail-over box.

  2. They are connecting IP cameras to the LTE network. Hence no Wi-Fi and having PSE (PoE output) ports are convenient for connecting IP surveillance cameras. One box, One power adapter instead of a few boxes and fully manageable locally and remotely via InControl.

Hope this helps.