MAX-BR1-LTE-V-T with (prepaid Verizon)

I just bought a MAX-BR1-LTE-V-T. I also just bought a phone and activated it. I’d like to move the SIM to the BR1.

I assume that since Visible IS Verizon that this should work if I get the right APN.

Any tips and tricks?

Also, any reason why I can’t have the Visible SIM and a post paid regular Verizon SIM in as fallback?


That’ll work fine and that’s one of the purposes of the dual SIM capability. It’s actually probably a good idea. (I’ll leave your other question for someone else to answer. Moving SIMs between unlike devices can be a dicey proposition. Sometimes works fine; other times not at all.)

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Please note that only supports some phones, and Peplink routers are not among them. So your mileage may vary.

With that in mind, the topic has been covered in other threads:


Based on recent experience in California, was close to uselessly slow due to its deprioritization. But your mileage may vary :slight_smile:

Good luck.



Thank you all for the good info. I appreciate it!

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I have to temper that statement - we have now deployed at a few more locations in California for testing, and there they work very well indeed (close to or similar speeds to what native Verizon connections achieve). So, your mileage may vary (and given the price point, testing is cheap).



I have gotten this to work! My unit is a MAX-BR1-LTE-US-T (Verizon only) unit. When I realized that others had gotten theirs to work by selecting GENERIC instead of VERIZON for the Network Mode, and my unit didn’t have that option - that maybe I needed to upgrade the firmware. I had version 7.0.3 as I recall. I upgraded to 7.1.2, and low and behold - Generic was available, and then it connected and worked! I’m typing to you on my laptop from the wifi right via it right now!

So the key to getting Visible to work for me with the MAX-BR1-LTE-US-T was setting the APN to VSBLINTERNET, and setting the Network Mode to Generic. I’m pretty sure everything else was default. I am about to upgrade to 8.0.2.

Thanks everyone for your comments, they were really helpful!


Is Visible throttling your video streaming down to 480p when using their SIM in a MAX BR1?..(assuming I first activated the SIM in a regular cell phone then moved into the BR1). I ran into that issue when using my visible cellphone as a Hotspot for the BR1 when I ran that test about a year ago. I never did try putting the SIM directly into the BR1.


I am sorry, but I’m not sure. I don’t think so… ??? The reason I haven’t really checked is because my intention is to put a full 1080p monitor for watching movies, and I haven’t noticed anything different, or specifically tested, on my cellphone yet because of this in the meantime.

If I am able, I will test this to see.


It seems visible is throttling from the get go.
I tested visible on my max br1 yesterday, APN settings as per this thread, got data to work after a reboot. However, download speed never exceeded 2.4mb.

Netflix was able to make use of it, but Zoom was lagging painfully.
Testing another provider later this week.

Have you set the TTL? I think it needs to be 65 (or 64?) to avoid the 5 Mbps throttle?


I did a quick test on one of ours, a Balance 20x LTE. The SpeedFusion connection to a FusionHub ran at 10/16 Mbps (down/up). TTL = 64. (And the speed is typical for Verizon that area of the mountains.)



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Thanks for noticing.
I have not set the TTL to 65/64 yet… will test at next oppty.

Today I tested a new Google FI unlimited SIM, i got it to work in my iphone - it got a dismal 1-2 MBPS. I wonder if I would have to order the data only SIM card in addition.

Does anyone have good bandwidth experience with Google FI data only sim in a MAX BR1?

My final goal is to achieve reliable bandwidth for MS Teams + VPN to work fluently. So I can take conference calls on the road/boat. Curious which providers/plans you guys employ successfully to reach 15-20+ MBPS consistently?

I was out boondocking in our RV. Cell service from AT&T was ok but I had a strong signal with Verizon. So I enabled the Visible SIM, set the TTL to 64 and was getting 50Mb down. FWIW the AT&T plan I have is through a reseller. W/o setting the TTL you’ll be limited to 5Mb down (max).


Hi. I want to set the TTL to 64 on my MAX-BR1-LTE-V-T (hardware rev 2) with Visible, but I can’t find it. Can someone give me a reasonably detailed explanation as to where to configure it? I say reasonable because I don’t need every single click explained but I’ve tried to find it and can’t, so some strong pointers on which page and what menu would help!


I thought I read that the only carrier that might care about TTL is AT&T and VZW does not?

That’s not correct - and when you’re talking about Verizon, we’re specifically talking about Visible, Verizon’s prepad plan - which will limit you to 5MB/sec if it thinks you’re using their phone as a hotspot. When your Visible SIM is in your Peplink Router, it thinks it’s in the phone and one hop further away is a hotspot so it’s limited. If I can set my Peplink BR1 to TTL 64, that should make it think the data is not leaving the “phone” and I’ll get full bandwidth.

All of this is in theory, since I can’t find the place to adjust the dang TTL in my Br1!

Click “Details” on the Cellular WAN on Dashboard. See “Enforced TTL” under “Physical Interface Settings”.

No, AT&T seems to be the exception that does not use TTL. It uses APN. Device data uses “broadband”. I’m not totally sure but I think hotspot data uses “hotspot”.

TTL of 65 definitely worked for Visible when I last tried it a few weeks ago.

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Ok so the reason I asked for a clear/detailed description is because I can’t find the “Physical Interface Settings” in my unit. I tried. I am sure I missed it unless it’s not in my particular firmware, but I kind of hoped for a top → down description of where it is… I can’t find that.

Sorry to be a pain. Thanks!