MAX-BR1-LTE-V - MAC address Access Control List not working

Running FW rev 6.0.3 , Pepwave MAX-BR1-LTE-V

I have tested the MAC address ACL and it doesnt work, at least the way I would think it would. I have a list of approved MAC addrs loaded into the field in the admin tool and have “deny all except listed” set, with MAC ACL Enabled. I add the MAC addr of a wifi tablet, saved/applied router settings, and then successfully connected to the MBR1 Wireless Access Point. I then REMOVED that same tablet MAC addr from the router ACL and saved/applied router settings again. Tablet still able to connect to router WAP. Am I missing something here??? I am running WPA2 personal encryption and would like to have the ACL working as well to further lock things down security wise.

Please Advise ASAP.

P.S. - I am entering MAC addrs of devices into the router addr field thus: 12:34:56:78:9A:BC
Pressing the “ENTER” key at the end of the string to move to the next addr.
Is that the correct method?

Thanks In Advance!

Hi There,

Thanks again for your patience and time on the phone earlier. As we talked about, we are going to test things internally and follow-up with the ticket you created.

Thank you for your diligence on this. I should clarify as well when I said I was still able to connect to the Pepwave Wireless Access Point with the MAC addresses NOT in the ACL, I was able to connect AND SURF as well. There is full connectivity to the router at that point with no MAC in the ACL.
Personally, to make it work to my liking, I would prefer that any non-ACL’ed machine/device not even be allowed to authenticate via WPA-2. Which was my thought on the way it worked to begin with.

This issue was able to be re-created by the engineering team and the fix is queued to be implemented in the next MAX firmware release 6.1.0 in late NOV '13.