MAX BR1-LTE-US-T says sim is detected in details but not dashboard

Just got my MAX BR1 and installed my sim into slot A and rebooted a couple of times.

Did a firmware update to 6.2.1 and cannot get the sim to be detected.

Funny thing is that in the Details it has the sim information and says that it is “In Use”. However, no light on the display and showing not detected in dashboard.

How can I get this working?


Hi Kris,

Please do me favor below:-

  1. Remove and insert SIM into slot A again.

  2. Remove and insert SIM into slot B if step 1 doesn’t help.

  3. Change another SIM card and insert into slot A and B if step 2 doesn’t help.

  4. Open ticket for us to investigate if step 3 doesn’t help.

Thank you.

Step 1 seemed to solve it.

Working fine after reboot.