I have just joined a vessel with a MAX-BR1-LTE-US. I have upgraded fw to 8.0.2 and everything works, however, I can only connect to 3g on Verizon (as displayed on dashboard). it also has an IMSI number which tells me that this is a 3g modem… so which one is it? an LTE or 3G? if only 3G, is the LTE model the mk2? thx


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First, i have removed your device SN from your previous post that the device SN is the private info that not suppose share publicly.

You mentioned, you have checked the “IMSI number which tells me that this is a 3g modem”. IMSI is the SIM card info more than the cellular modem info. Can you please further confirm with the service provider that the SIM card subscribed is LTE sim card ? Base on my knowledge, some of the the IoT SIM are limited to 3G connection only.

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I have the same problem.

I bought my MAX-BR1-LTE-US back in January of 2015 and ran 4G on it without any problems for years. I moved the SIM card to my tablet while I was not using the BR1 and when I reinstalled the SIM card it wouldn’t connect to anything except 2G or 3G. If I set the “LTE/3G” option on the SIM slot to “LTE Only” it doesn’t even look for 4G it go right to any other network.

If I take that same SIM card and plug it into my tablet again it connects to 4G just fine. I have also taken the SIM card and put it in a hotspot device/jetpack and it connects to 4G as well.

I updated the firmware to be sure it wasn’t that and no change, still acts like 4G does not exist. I’m starting to think it’s warranty related because my warranty expired while the SIM card was out of the MAX-BR1-LTE-US. I think this is a possibility because InControl disables remote management and GPS tracking when the warranty expires along with a few other things.

I personally feel I shouldn’t have to pay $150 per year for a warranty just to use my devices LTE. Though if it is that simple so be it, just let me know.

Thanks in advance.

This could be related to the SIM issue. Some operators locked their SIM to use on smart phone or the tablet only. If these SIM are put on anything that’s not a smart phone or a tablet, it might be speed capped or just connect to a slower network.

Please try to get a M2M SIM or a SIM with the data plan that allows to use on a router and try it again.

Hi. No. That’s not it. The device’s warranty status has nothing at all to do with the performance of the unit as you have described it. Many Peplink routers are out-of-warranty and they keep on ticking …
InControl is a different issue. Disable IC2 on the device and try again after confirming the configuration of the device locally via the web UI.


Thank you for that info. Other than SIM card size I didn’t realize that there are more types of cards. I thought they all worked like an IP address, interchangeable though in the end was the controlling ID or address to the device.

I figured I was wrong though if I wasn’t I wanted to know what I needed to do.
As for IC2. It says my device is offline and service is expired. As nice as it would be to keep tracking the vehicles location and history it’s not a priority.

Nearly all cards are physically the same - but how an operator allocates those cards to their services and then what features are enabled (or limited) on those services varies considerably.

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It would be interesting to see a page with links to M2M and router compatible plan options from the major US carriers.


This is a very challenge work because as i know even the major US carriers will have a lot reseller/partner for the cellular data plans. Each of the reseller/partners may come out it own M2M plan that will have different data plan access.

Do you think you can help to start a new forum post by sharing the M2M data plan info that you know will work well ? I think with the forum community users, we can definitely collect some useful info that can share among Peplink users. :heart_eyes: